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Dr. Jared C. Kliger

I like to look at mental health and life problems from the position of strength, rather than weakness.  So as we work together, I’ll collaborate with you to discover what it is you’d like to change, and what strengths you already possess which may help you get there.

Psychotherapy can be a wonderful way of learning about yourself.  It can give you hope if you're in a bad options if you're finding yourself using too many drugs, or for that matter doing anything "too much"... and the realization that you have choices in this world. 

I call my approach to therapy humanistic-existential.  Humanism relates to the idea of looking for strengths and using these strengths to build on.  Existentialism refers to the realities we all share, whether we face them openly or not.  We are free to respond to our world as we choose and to create meaning in our lives.  But with this freedom comes the responsibility to use our time as we really would like.  Are you living out your dreams?

Office in Pasadena Near Old Town

My Approach To Psychotherapy

Hello, I’m Dr.  Jared.  Please feel free to spend some time on my site.  If you're considering psychotherapy, you can learn some things about what to expect from the process, and we can work together to resolve the issues that are holding you back.  Choosing to see a psychotherapist may be difficult, especially if it's your first time.  I hope the information here is helpful to you.  




When you come to my office, we'll spend some time learning about each other.  You may want to know more about what a session feels like, or what ideas I may have to help you.  I'll be interested in learning what issues you are having,  and how you see yourself.  What are your strengths?  What makes you you?  

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