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Clinical Psychologist Services For Adults

Clinical Psychologist Services For Adults


Your or a loved one may be struggling with severe mental conditions: bipolar disorder, autism, clinical depression.  Or perhaps you're merely finding yourself stuck along life’s path; from time to time we all may need help with a decision, or in finding our best next step. 


 Behind every disorder or difficulty we face, whether large or small, there is a human being.  No stigmas need be attached to our problems.  (We probably get enough of that from the society around us!)  I've found that the key to success in therapy is in learning to utilize the positive resources which lie within us all.

Most of us already possess what we need to find our solutions.  We just need to learn the tools to find these answers.  You don’t need someone else to tell you what to do.  But perhaps you could benefit from someone helping you to uncover the possibilities, so you can make your own life decisions.





Office in Pasadena near Old Town

Office in Sherman Oaks


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